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Flue safety

12/27/2017 (Permalink)

The season is here for alternative heating.

Be extra careful when using your heating system using wood or other material for burning. Many people use wood for alternate heat and it is usually safe.

Some tips:

Be sure your flue is clear of soot creosote build-up. This material in the flue can ignite and cause a flue fire which can cause a hot fire somewhere in the flue. Devices or a service company can be used to clean your flue.

Have an area around your loading door that is tile or fire brick so when the door is open, sparks will not land on flammable surfaces.

Regularly check the furnace for proper seals on all doors and flue connections to be sure smoke is being vented outside.

Be safe when saving money by burning wood.

Smoke and Soot.... GONE!

11/9/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Smoke and Soot.... GONE! Table Top before after.

After a fire the smoke and soot gets in the smallest places.

Cleaning it takes the right people, the right process and a bit of time.

To get all the smoke smell you must get all the soot from the smallest crevices. To clean surfaces you must determine wet or dry smoke residue then use the right process. if not you end up with impossible-to-remove stains, then possible smell.

SERVPRO has the cleaners, the right process and trained technicians to get it ALL!

The before and after shows a job done right and a cleaning done Like It Never Even Happened!

For smoke damage cleanup call and we will take care of the clean-up and your insurance coverage details.

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