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6/17/2024 (Permalink)

Incase you didn't catch us at the Dogwood parade, we have a storm trooper too! 

If you ever see him out and about, stop and grab your picture with him! 

Moving? Who lived there? Is it Clean?

11/9/2017 (Permalink)

Before / After Ducts

To be sure before moving in the new house your'e buying be sure your'e starting fresh.

Ducts can be holding unseen dirt or soils from people and, or animals. Be sure your new home is clean from carpets to ducts.

With an awesome machine, SERVPRO of Hannibal will spin-brush your ducts and suck the dirt at the same time leaving the ducts and air handler (furnace) dust free and ready to blow clean air.

We can show you before and after pics if you want so you can see the difference. There's no recommended time between duct cleanings but at or before move in lets you know the dirt and dust is gone.

In NorthEast Missouri call SERVPRO of Hannibal, we are here to help.

573-231-0056, Call anytime!

Moving? Get a Clean Start

7/5/2016 (Permalink)

This picture shows the before and after pictures of a duct cleaning that was performed!

Moving in… or out is a good time for a clean start.

Don’t forget your ducts. They may have never been cleaned! Our duct machine goes in the ducts, brushes then vacuums all the layers of dust in your duct-work.

Unsure of a house you’re buying, just ask your seller to get the duct cleaning done as a part of the sale! With a SERVPRO CERTIFIED DUCT CLEANING you don’t guess what’s in there.

Concerned why your home just can't smell like it once did, you clean and sanitize, remember that your ducts don't get cleaned when you change your furnace filter. It takes a specialized machine to "Spin Brush" the insides.

Call for a quote and appointment.

SERVPRO of Hannibal: 573-231-0056.

Home Carpet Cleaning Spotting Kit

10/20/2015 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Hannibal sells a home carpet cleaning spotting kit that contains four of our most frequently used professional cleaning products. The kit also has a spotting rule chart to help guide your stain removal.

Having this home spotting kit available the next time you get a stain on your carpet could make the difference from cleaning the spot, rather than replacing the carpet.

LIFETIME refills on all products but the aerosol can (it's $12.99, reorder in advance) All you have to do is bring the container into SERVPRO of Hannibal's office.

$99.00 Carpet Cleaning Special

10/20/2015 (Permalink)

Heavily soiled carpet.

SERVPRO of Hannibal is offering two rooms and a hallway starting at $99.00.

We offer two different types of carpet cleaning methods. 

1) Deluxe Carpet Cleaning -- $99.00 (two rooms and hallway)

  • Deep restorative cleaning for light to moderate soils. 
  • Extractor unit uses hot water while vacuuming the carpet.
  • Helps promote longer carpet life.

2) Showcase Premier Carpet Cleaning -- $120.00 (two rooms and hallway) 

  • Deep restorative cleaning for moderate to heavy soils.
  • Most thorough cleaning method in the industry.
  • Typically is used for cleaning heavily soiled carpets caused by children, pets, and fire and water restoration.
  • Pre-spray heavily soiled and trafic areas, as needed.
  • Penetrate cleaning solution into the carpet by using a rotary machine.
  • Extract all cleaning solution with hot water extraction.

Call our office when you need to schedule your carpet cleaning, you will be pleased with our professional technicians and their friendly positive attitude. Call today 573-231-0056.